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Installation, Updates and Technical Designer Showroom Mfr
Studio Designer Installation Instructions x    
Studio Showroom Installation Instructions   x x
Install SQL x x x
Studio Maintenance Agreement x x x
Windows Vista x x x
Windows Locking x x x
Install PDF Add in x x x
Import Contacts into Outlook x x x
Design Projects Designer Showroom Mfr
Paperless Office x    
Automatic Reminders for Updates to Costs x    
Hide and Show Purchase Costs x    
Project Scheduling Designer Showroom Mfr
Project Scheduling x    
Accounting Designer Showroom Mfr
Check Format x x x
Accrual Basis vs Cash Basis Accounting x x x
Quickbooks Conversion to Studio Designer x    
Vendor Refunds x x x
Client Vendor Refunds x    
Refunding Client Retainers x    
Customizing Reports x x x
Check Writing x x x
Creating Purchase Order Check Vouchers x x x
Manual Purchase Order Checks x x x
Paying Purchase Orders with Credit Cards x x x
Importing Payroll x x x
Bank Reconciliation x x x
Studio Year End Procedures x x x
Close the Year x x x
Import Tax Rate by Zip Code   x x
Return Fabric Inventory     x
Refunding Client Overpayment   x x
Generated General Ledger Entries   x x
Salesperson Commission by Territory   x x
Inventory Import Specs x x x